Since announcing Project Independence with Intel at the start of the year and announcing our XenClient local virtual desktop solution at our Synergy show in May, we have been absolutely bombarded with questions and interest in plans for this amazing new bare metal Local Virtual Desktop platform. So we built XenClient Central, a Citrix Community site dedicated to keeping you informed on the latest news, happenings, and developments around Citrix XenClient, our Local Virtual Desktop platform.  Come check it out!

XenClient Central

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Right now we’re sharing code with a very limited set of close development partners and customers. But not to worry, later this year we plan to open up our beta program to a much broader audience so you can see firsthand the benefits of XenClient and how it connects into Citrix XenDesktop our virtual desktop delivery solution.  Be sure to visit XenClient Central and register with our XenClient Interest list and we’ll make sure you’re always in the know with the latest news and happenings.