Some of the questions I’ve received lately is how to design a large-scale, enterprise XenDesktop architecture.  We all can attest that most systems put into place become much more difficult to architect as the number of users increases.  I’m not talking about Citrix products, I’m talking about any product.  Which one do you think would be more difficult to design:

  • A 100 user (insert your own product here) environment
  • A 10,000 user (insert your own product here) environment
  • A 50,000 user (insert your own product here) environment

Most of you will probably agree that it gets quite a bit more difficult as the number of users increases.  And if we do a typical type of design, I would tend to agree, but I’m thinking we can simplify this so even the 10,000 and 50,000 user XenDesktop environment can be as easy as a 100 user deployment. 

Many of you are probably thinking, this guy is full of it, he is too pie-in-the-sky for me.  And when I first started thinking about this simplified architecture, I tended to agree. But as I’ve continued looking into this and discussing with other architects, I’ve come to the realization that I might be on to something here.  See for yourself in the following video.  I plan on posting additional videos around this concept in the future to show/demonstrate how it would work.  But for now, I bring to you the Pod concept (and don’t forget to leave your comments) 

Daniel – Lead Architect

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