As we now have the desktp virtualization design discussion going, I want to look at the next big question… Should I do XenApp or XenDesktop? Can I get by with Terminal Services or do I need VDI? Spend just a little time going through tweets, blogs and articles related to desktop virtualization and you will be left in the same place you started, asking the simple question “Should I do this or am I crazy?”  When I think about the desktop (I really need to have a better imagination) it isn’t focused on what solution to pick, or which vendor to pick… It is focused on one simple concept:

Delivering the Correct Application to the Correct User in the Best Manner Possible

  • What is the correct application? The one the user wants
  • Who is the correct user? The one making the request
  • How should it be delivered?  That is the tricky question isn’t it.  This is where we all struggle to make headway, we keep stalling because we just aren’t sure.  Why is the decision so difficult? Because users are very demanding. User keep the organization functioning.  If you hurt the user, you hurt the organization, which means you will hurt yourself (bye bye promotion, raise, or job).  

So how do you make the right decision? By realizing three simple truths:

  1. One size does NOT fit all
  2. Applications are unique
  3. User’s requirements change

Trying to align the users, applications and devices into a single, coherent desktop virtualization solution seems like a daunting task, but if you follow a few guidelines the process is doable.  For example, if a user comes to work with their own personal laptop, can I simply deliver them a hosted virtual desktop or will they need a local virtual desktop? What about users with a 3-4 year old PC?  What can I do with that setup? 

This is why I suggest you take a look at the following, recently published, white paper focusing on the deciding factors between VDI and Terminal Services-based solution. If you want a highlight of the article, it is that the whole debate is not even a debate at all. 

What do you think? 

Daniel – Lead Architect – Worldwide Consulting Solutions

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