Sounds pretty complicated doesn’t it.  Well in fact it can be.  When I was marketing data plans at Cingular Wireless we employed a firm who did nothing but sort through and analyze reams of data from our customer base (54 million subscribers) and find the sweet spot for maximizing our advertising, sales programs and promotions. But what if you are an emerging business not quite at the Fortune 100 level yet?  Can you still take advantage of these techniques and use them to grow your business.  ABSOLUTELY!  In this electronic, e-Marketing, Web based business world, you’d be foolish not to.

But where do you start?  Do you have to employ an Analytics firm with a gaggle of Mathematics PhD’s?  Not quite.  There is some very good information (publically) available about how to get the most out of your efforts to market in the new millennium economy.  Business Week recently ran an article entitled “The Web Knows What You Want” (July 27, 2009 edition).  They also have a fantastic resource online… Predictive Analytics Delivers Value Across Business Applications.  There you will find methods on subjects such as Direct Marketing – Customer Responses, Behavior Based Advertising – Which ad customers will click on and Email Targeting – Which message customers will respond to.

As an example of these techniques I’d like to share with you some methods and analytics from this blog series.  First and foremost it is important to pick a subject matter that fits your business model and the audience you are trying to reach.  Note that every article published in this series is directed at people who are interested in CITRIX, SaaS, CLOUD, SERVICE PROVIDER and VIRTUALIZATION.  Each title and subsequent verbiage in the series uses these specific key words so that search engine optimization (SEO) is invoked.  Also, care is taken to insure relevant information is available (published online) whenever a major corporate event is taking place.  People have a higher level of interest in specific topics (and in your company) when they are going to spend money to get to a venue.  In the trend chart below, note the increase in viewer traffic before and during our Synergy and iForum (Europe) events (May-June).

One of the keys to engage people in e-Marketing through social media is writing about topics that are both newsworthy and have some kind of personal impact.   Once you gain an interest level or following, your potential to introduce product/service relevancy is greatly enhanced.  Why?  Because you’re not just throwing marketing jargon around and there is a specific value to the writing that pertains to the need of the reader.  Social Media Marketing is also effective because you have the opportunity to grow the base of readers over time.  Note the graph below that depicts the aggregate views of all blogs in this series.  As people resonate with one topic, they are more likely to read more from the same author.

Most importantly, you should keep your messages short and concise… Doh!  I just violated that point with a two page blog!  Sooooo, in closing create your e-marketing programs with relevancy for the reader, venue awareness and personal impact in mind.  Save the flash and hoopla for major events and try to be CONCISE.