After 16 years with a Golden Retriever it is safe to say my family loves dogs.  When she went to the happy hunting ground (doggie heaven) we decided to get another.  My wife wanted a small dog so that it could live in the house and she could hold it and snuggle up.  Well, I got her a small dog… at least it was when we bought it .  He was the cutest little guy ever and weighed in at a meager 12 lbs (about 5.5 Kilos).  Unfortunately, he grew at a rate of 5 lbs (2.3 Kilos) per week after that for a long time.

It may seem like a stretch, but a lot of companies are shopping for just the right size Cloud provider to handle all of their IT needs.  On the one hand there are huge Clouds that provide a great service if you’re looking for an endless amount of capacity and you have the technical savvy to create a virtual data center inclusive of applications, profiles, back-up utilities and a schema to run the whole thing.  On the other hand there are smaller Micro Clouds (another word I just made up) that will offer up services but don’t look or act like their huge Cloud cousins.

The bottom line is that there are all types of companies with differing needs when it comes to Information Technology and the emergence of Clouds.  The problem is that companies who need the care and nurturing a Micro Cloud provider can offer really get confused when they go to buy a service they think will be able to cuddle up with them only to find that they have purchased a monster that is growing up to be something larger than they expected.

So what’s the point of all this as it relates to my typical diatribe on Citrix Service Providers?  If you want to get into the business of Cloud provision, make sure you know what your purchasing ahead of time… otherwise you might find that what you thought you wanted, turns out to be something way more than you bargained for and you might just be spending a lot of time in the dog house feeding it!

Just like the puppy I bought that now weighs 145 lbs (70 Kilos) and pretty much rules my house!