Over the past couple of years I’ve had a number of customers and prospectives ask me for different ways of evaluating XenApp because they wanted to show someone how it worked really quickly without having to use their production system. Or, they got the Receiver for iPhone but didn’t have their system configured to use it. Or, they were meeting with the head of another department at work and wanted to show them the power of application virtualization with Citrix XenApp.

Well, now you can with 3 easy ways to get an evaluation system to meet your specific needs.

  • Eval in the Cloud - A pre-configured, rapid evaluation system that anyone can use to see the power of virtualizing applications for themselves. This system is great for anyone from an end-user to a non-technical family member. It requires no investment or hardware and doesn;t need any installation since it’s already configured. EVAL LENGTH: 2 hours, 1-User
  • Evaluation Virtual Appliance - A completely pre-configured virtual machine system running XenApp, the EVA runs on Xen or Hyper-V and helps your quickly virtualize your own apps and deliver them to anyone. It’s got an illustrated quick start guide that leads you through the process of profiling, publishing and accessing applications. You can even add the machine to your domain. It’s perfect for the techie that’s new to XenApp but who doesn’t want to get their hands covered in grease. This system is also perfect as a test bed for applications and application compatibility. It’s also useful for testing scripts created with Workflow studio. Some admin’s have even found it helpful for stdying up to take Citrix certification exams. EVAL LENGTH: 60-days, 99-User
  • Product Media - This is XenApp installation media that is downloadable from Citrix.com. You can also order physical media from customer care. The great thing here is you’ll have everything you need to create a completely customized evaluation environment including licenses which we’ve made available online. EVAL LENGTH: 90-days, 99-User

So the net-net is that there is now an evaluation option for nearly any scenario and you now have more options for getting demo or evaluation XenApp environments up and running with very little effort, if any at all. Check these options out for yourselves at the XenApp evaluation center.

Please let us know what you think.

Vinny Sosa

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