Citrix Tech Support often get asked about how to import/export a site’s configuration since the release of Web Interface 5.1. As the SME for Web Interface in my team these questions often come my way, so I’ve been meaning to write this blog entry for some time

Since the release of Web Interface 5.1 earlier this year it is no longer possible to import/export a site’s configuration via the Access Management Console (AMC).

Lets take a step back
In Web Interface 5.0.1, centrally configured sites were deprecated. In later releases (5.1.x), all support for centralized configuration has been removed. As a replacement for centralized configuration, Web
Interface for IIS allows you to specify a “master” site that shares its configuration file over the network. Other sites can then be configured to use the master site’s configuration rather than a local file.

So in Web Interface 5.0 the AMC had the following options to import/export a sites configuration:

But in Web Interface 5.1.x those options were removed:

The reason for this is because of the removal of the centralized configuration feature.

In order to make a backup of a site’s configuration in 5.1.x you simply grab the Webinterface.conf which is stored in the file system of the Web Interface server located at \inetpub\wwwroot\Citrix\<site path>\conf\


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