So my wife drug me to the movies to see “Julie & Julia” this week and for some reason I seem to be thinking about everything in terms of cooking up a master piece.  I’ll have to ask you to forgive me if this blog seems a bit “Julia Child-esh” but I can’t seem to help myself…


(2) NetScalers

(2) Web Interface Farms

(2) XenApp/XenDesktop Farms

(30) XenServer VMs w/Essentials

(1) Provisioning Farm

(10) Storage Arrays

(2) High Speed Access Lines 

First, mix the ingredients in a data center and test to perfection.  

Next pick (3) market verticals for the highest expected IT spend in your area (hint: in 2009 that would be Finance, Gov’t, and Services).  Find the local trade associations for each vertical and sign up (hint: In the U.S. Personal Finance Sector, American Association of Debt Management Organizations (AADMO), the nation’s largest trade association for the credit counseling and debt management industry).

After hobnobbing with the trade association’s board of directors, offer to provide a teaching seminar on “How to save up to 40% on your IT operating costs!” for all of the members of the association.

Create a presentation that the business owners of the association can identify with (hint: specific to the Debt Management business IT – remote access, call centers, etc). After filling an auditorium with Executives show them specifically how they can remove cost by taking them through the Citrix Service Provider TCO Calculator (that you’ve naturally branded with your company’s identity). Make sure that you finish your presentation with the pièce de résistance (Disaster Recovery included in the service).

Offer (2) months of free service (hey, you’ve got to hook them you know?).

Sign 30 companies with 50 subscribers in each company with a service fee of $70 per subscriber per month.

…And voilà, you have a run rate of $105,000 per month (or $1.3 Million per year).