Twitter continues to gain popularity and is being used by companies to further engage via B2B and B2C. Its format is a free microbolg where real-time messages are distributed via SMS and the Internet to your computer or mobile phone.

As described by Twitter, this is “a service for friends, family, and co-workers to communicate and stay connected through the exchange of quick, frequent answers to one simple question: What are you doing?”

Citrix has a Twitter account specifically for partners where we let you know about program news, product releases, upcoming events, education offerings, general announcements, and much more. You can find us on Twitter at CitrixPartners and read our tweets (short messages no more than 140 characters). Many of our tweets link to a blog where you can read more detail and provide comments back to the author of the blog. You can also subscribe to the RSS feed of CitrixPartner tweets – just look for the RSS icon when you’re on our Twitter page.

I came across some interesting resources about Twitter and have made them available to Citrix partners via My Citrix but because I think the info is helpful in general, I thought I’d include these findings here too. If you would like to share any other information about Twitter, just send a comment back with any links or feedback on how you are using Twitter.

Helpful resources about Twitter:

Twitter in Plain English - Watch this video on YouTube for a to-the-point explanation of Twitter.

Twitter FAQs - Learn about retweets, blocking a follower, editing a tweet, tweet chat, hashtag, and more.

Shorten URLs - Learn about free services to shorten your URL.

10 Ways for Bloggers to Use Twitter - Read Susan Gunelius’s article posted on

TwitterFinder - Search for Twitter accounts by profession, hobby, music, travel, and other categories.