If you’re thinking about implementing Provisioning Services (even if you haven’t had a chance to look at the new features yet), investing one hour in this TechTalk will save you that much and more during implementation. This TechTalk will help you to understand how simple it is to implement Provisioning Services and in particular how the new features can make your job easier.

Topics below are the basis for an upcoming TechTalk:
• How are the partitions resized when you build a vDisk with multiple physical/logical drives?
• How does the Offline Database Support work? What features would be enabled in case I can’t connect to the Provisioning Services database?
• How can I take advantage of the User Assigned Virtual Disks? Does it work with all vDisk modes?
• How do I configure a LUN to be accessed by multiple PVS Servers without using a network share?
• How can I benefit from the Enhanced Logging to verify what is going on behind the scenes and troubleshoot my environment?

Register now for this TechTalk on Thursday, August 27th at 1PM Eastern standard time.

Elisabeth Teixeira – Principal Engineer – Worldwide Technical Readiness

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