Recently, name changes were announced in the Branch Repeater product line. However Technical Support has received several queries from customers confused about what has changed, what hasn’t, etc…

So I am writing this blog to help explain the changes that were announced. See the table below for the naming conventions.

Old Name New Name
Citrix WANScaler Appliance Citrix Repeater
Citrix WANScaler Client Citrix Repeater Plug-in
Citrix Accelerator Plug-in Citrix Repeater Plug-in
Citrix Branch Repeater Citrix Branch Repeater
Citrix Branch Repeater with Windows Server Citrix Branch Repeater with Windows Server

There was also some maintenance releases for the Branch Repeater product line recently, see below for more details.

The Citrix Branch Repeater Maintenance Release 5.0.34, Repeater Maintenance Release 5.0.34 and Citrix Branch Repeater for Windows Server Maintenance Release 1.5.34 is now available on MyCitrix

A number of issues were fixed in this release, see the release notes on the MyCitrix downloads page for more information.

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