Some hidden dials that can be tweaked (with care!!)

  • LogoffActionDelay (7 mins) / DisconnectActionDelay (5 mins)
    • Lets the user change their mind without waiting for a new VM to boot…
      MUST be > RegistrationTimeout
  • RegistrationTimeout (3 mins)
    • How long a desktop gets to register (before showing error)
  • RegistrationForceShutdownTimeout (3hrs)
    • How long a desktop gets to register (before we force a power-off)
  • ShutdownTimeout (10 mins)
    • How long we give a VM to shutdown gracefully, before pulling the plug

More settings – impact Hypervisor scalability

  • MaximumTransitionRate (10% of Pool Size)
    • Max VMs to boot concurrently (boot = start->registered, within RegistrationTimeout)
    • Too many overloads Hypervisors, too few and data center takes too long to boot*
  • AdminActionMaximumRate (10% of VMs)
    • Limits response to Console commands (5 min timeout from current state -> desired state)

Changing the advanced settings…

  • All times specified in seconds
  • Open C:\Program Files\Citrix\VmManagement\CdsPoolMgr.exe.config
  • Add setting, for example:<?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”utf-8″ ?>



    <add key=”LogToCdf” value =”1″/>

    <add key=”LogFileName” value =”C:\cdslogs\VMManager.log”/>

    <add key=”LogDebug” value=”1″/>

    <add key=”MaximumTransitionRate” value=”20″/>