I received a Tweet today from @JOHNMCBRIDE who has posted a blog post on a cool new iPhone application for XenServer Management – Xeni. The full blog post is at http://www.sharepoint-stuff.com/?p=417 and I encourage everyone to check it out.

Brief Intro from Blog Posting:

A friend of mine and I (Check out Ritch’s twitter feed here and his blog here) were talking a while back about the iPhone and the adoption into the business environment. Yes there are apps out there for business, but very few and not very many which people would use everyday in business. Now, coming from and IT/Dev background we also noticed a lack of enterprise management utilities that were native iPhone apps.

That lead to a few idea’s for iPhone projects, some of them I can’t talk about right now, but stay tuned I’ll blog about them in the near future. Just think Healthcare, iPhone and micro startup .

The first of these projects is an app we are calling Xeni (Pronounced Xen-eeee) and is one of the apps that will give enterprise admin’s and alternative application to help perform their daily job functions. Can you guess what it is?  

Well, this iPhone application is all about managing your XenServer environment, from the XenServers to the Virtual Machines to the user sessions and beyond, all from a native application on the iPhone. We are not releasing this application yet to the appstore as we are still in the testing phase but wanted to let the community know what is coming down preverbal pike  and show off some screenshots.