The Citrix Application Streaming client and profiler version 5.2 are available in Beta form.  Here is a link.    MyCitrix credentials required to download.  The Streaming Client is “Offline Plug-in version 5.2”. The Streaming Profiler is “Streaming Profiler version 5.2”.

These are not production, but they are pretty close to what will ship with the next XenApp release.  I note that the Streaming Client/Profiler 5.2 can be used with everything from Presentation Server 4.5 to XenApp next release.

Please give it a whirl.  The normal tech support forums should be used to share your positive experiences.

The 5.2 client will “consume” profiles created by all previous streaming profilers and the performance improvements noted below will be seen with no need to reprofile.  That said, there has been a years worth of changes in the profiler, so there can be other reasons to move up.

Things you will see:

  • Second time application performance vastly improved.  Feature: “Sandbox reuse”.  In the past, launching two applications from a single profile actually created two sandboxes even though those sandboxes could be considered one as they both had the same definition of isolation scope.  Starting a sandbox is a long activity, that is now skipped for second application launches, making second app launch very similar in time to locally installed.  This change was the focus of the release and should produce very happy users.
  • Sandboxes are left alive for 5 minutes after the last application terminates, improving odds for 2nd time launch compared to first.  Registry configurable period, in minutes.  Might change this to Ms.
  • Integration with the Citrix Receiver to operate as a plug-in, or as a separately installed program.  This function first shipped in 1.3 which was a streaming client shipped asynchronous to XenApp releases.
  • AIE* environment variables are now visible from pre-launch/post-exit scripts run outside of isolation.  This enables things like purging the per-user isolation space before/after application usage, without using RadeRunSwitches.  Some other issues with scripts were also fixed.
  • A years worth of App Compatibility improvements.

The version number will be 5.2.  If you’ve seen my posts before, you know that I never intended to move away from 1.x, including shipping major new function in point release, like Inter-Isolation Communication at release 1.2.  Long story as to why, but the bottom line is that the streaming client after 1.3 will be 5.2.


Joe Nord

Product Architect – Application Streaming

Citrix Systems