The long waited XenApp Plugin and Dazzle for Mac OS X has been released to the general public!

Mac users can access their hosted applications from their desktop or a web interface with the new XenApp Plugin for Mac.

You will find new in this release, Citrix Dazzle – an easy way to choose exactly which applications you need, when you need it – apps, your desktop, or any IT delivered service. Simply browse or search for the app or IT service you need. Users decide the folders that appear in their Applications folder. Simply click to create, then drag and drop any app or IT service.

Here’s a list of new features:

  • Dazzle – is provided to enable users to browse, select and launch applications from a native Mac UI.
  • Improved Multi-monitor support.
  • Browser plug-in – enables Web Interface to determine the plug-in installed in the system and offer to upgrade if appropriate. Also, no more .ica files in the downloads folder!
  • System preferences – plug-in preferences are now set via a system preferences pane.
  • Cleartype remoting.

Install instructions:

If you are currently running version 10 of the Mac ICA Client, you can upgrade to the latest build by just running the new installer.


XenApp Plugin 11.0

Admin Guide