Well we have been more than hinting about it for a while now but the new XenApp Online plug-in for Mac is here! I was so excited about this that I dusted off my old Mac and decided to give it a try.

Here are my first impressions. First, let’s not overlook that the .ica file downloads and the annoying red-bouncing-dotted eye icon are gone – no where to be seen or to distract! These were two huge annoyances people grated about for a while – good riddance! Second, the Dazzle interface is actually quite nice. I don’t have to go to a Web page to launch apps; I can just select the Windows apps that I care about (from those that have been published to me by IT here at Citrix) and place the icons on the dock, app folder or even in a “dazzle” folder on my dock. This allows for a very nice integration into the local app launch experience for the Mac.

This was my experience here at Citrix.

  • After installing the plug-in (which also installed Dazzle) I connected to our internal “Showcase” farm and was presented with a list of recommended apps.
  • I “added” the Office apps as well as SAP Enterprise Portal.
  • The animation pointed to the fact that the icons were going into my Dazzle folder which Dazzle placed in my Mac apps folder
  • Now I could launch these from here or from a Spotlight search list but what fun is that?
  • So I dragged the Dazzle folder to my dock and now I can launch my hosted Windows apps directly from there!
  • Finally to have that nicely integrated look for my most often used Windows apps I dragged the icons from Dazzle directly to my dock.

And that’s that! A few quick and easy steps and now I have the Windows apps that I need integrated into my Mac and I can launch them just like I launch any other local app. Great job Mac and Dazzle teams! Looking forward to much more down the road!

Some folks have been saying that it would be cool to be able to launch apps directly from Dazzle. I have gone back and forth on that one and like the fact that you can place the icons just about anywhere and launch “natively”. What do you think?