it is just FYI. (by Debug club)

1. Attach kernel debugger(windbg or kd) to target computer
2. start real time trace session on a target computer with -kd option as following
   tracelog -kd -start <session name> -guid <xxx.ctl> -flag 0xffffff -level 16 -f xxx.etl

3. Break kernel debugger attached target computer. then enter following command.
   kd>!wmitrace.searchpth <tmf file path>

4. Turn on output tracing into kernel debugger.
   kd>!wmitrace.dynamicprint 1;g

5. Turn off output tracing into kernel debugger.
! wmitrace. dynamicprint 0;g

*To specify multiple tmf search path,

Kd>!wmitrace.searchpath + <additional tmf files path>