If you’re on your way to earning your Citrix Certified Enterprise Administrator™ (CCEA) for Citrix XenApp™ 4, you may be interested in this opportunity to prepare for CCEA exam 456 Citrix Access Suite 4.0: Build/Test:

Course Name: CTX-1456AI Citrix Access Suite4.0: Build/Test Workshop
Date: September 21-22, 2009
Where: New Horizons of Minnesota (Class also available remotely)
Format: Instructor-led or Virtual Instructor-led

This workshop-style course will provide you with valuable experience building and testing designs for Citrix Access Suite™ 4.0. Over 80% of the class is conducted through hands-on exercises. You will gain the knowledge and skills required to build an enterprise environment in which all components of the Citrix Access Suite 4 are implemented. This course will prepare you for exam 456, a requirement for the CCEA certification.

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Benefits of CCEA Certification
A CCEA certification demonstrates your Citrix expertise to employers and is consistently ranked as a top-earning certification in salary surveys. Plus, completing your CCEA certification will enable you to easily update to the upcoming Citrix Certified Enterprise Engineer™ (CCEE) certification with just one exam or the new Citrix Certified Integration Architect™ (CCIA) with just two exams. Those without a CCEA certification will be required to take 5-6 exams to earn the CCEE or CCIA, respectively.

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