Do you have a desktop virtualization design or architecture question? Then Ask the Architect

What is it?

Many times when people are looking at a solution or trying to create a design, they have a question as it relates to their environment.  Although there are numerous documents and best practices on the Citrix knowledge base, many of these are based on a “recommended architecture” which typically does not look like many of your environments.  This is where Ask the Architect comes in.  If you have a question regarding your desktop virtualization project, send an email to  (HINT: Make your questions short and to the point.)  Based on your email question, we will strive to find you an answer and post a video on CitrixTV (because many other people will have similar questions).  The answers will be brief and to the point, less than 5 minutes (we don’t want to bore you and we still have lots of other things to do too).

What it is not?

The desktop virtualization Ask the Architect is not a way to get a complete desktop virtualization design. For a full-scale design, I would recommend you get in touch with Citrix Consulting, who have already been instrumental in designing some of the largest desktop virtualization solutions. It is also not a troubleshooting forum, as there are already many forums for those items (plus I’ve never heard of any Citrix products having issues )

Who is Ask the Architect? 

This is a big question. You don’t want to send in an email and have it answered by a marketing or sales person who tells you to buy another product. You want someone who has designed complex solutions.  This is why Ask the Architect is not 1 person, but many.  Based on the question submitted, the most experienced Citrix Architects from our Consulting organization will create an Ask the Architect video post and submit it to CitrixTV for all to see. 

How to Get Stared?

Start watching the Ask the Architect series on CitrixTV.

Note: This blog was brought to you from a hosted XenDesktop virtual desktop with a XenApp-streamed Firefox browser.  

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