Hi, everyone. I am a courseware development lead for Citrix Education, based in Santa Clara, CA. This blog entry is my first, and I am eager to start giving everyone in the Citrix blogosphere a behind-the-scenes look at what we in Citrix Education do and to solicit customer and partner input on new training in development.

We just completed the beta delivery of the new CNS-300-2I Advanced NetScaler 9.0 for Citrix NetScaler 9.0 Platinum Edition five-day instructor-led training class. As the “2I” denotes, this course is the second release of the currently offered CNS-300-1I course. We had a great turnout of customers, partner and Citrites, with students coming as far away as the UK and Argentina. Todd Hurst of Layer8 Training was our instructor. Todd is an experienced NetScaler instructor and helped developed the course for its initial release. We also had a number of NetScaler subject-matter experts popping in and out of the beta class to provide additional insight and commentary on key topics.

The CNS-300 course is the logical next step for experienced NetScaler administrators who have completed the basic NetScaler administration course and are looking to deepen their skills and knowledge further. The CNS-300 course covers the following topics:

    • Advanced Troubleshooting
    • Application Firewall, including:
      • Feature Overview
      • Policies and Profiles
      • Regular Expressions
      • Attacks and Protections
      • Application Firewall Troubleshooting
    • Connection Tuning and Queuing
    • HTTP Service Callouts
    • AAA
    • EdgeSight for NetScaler
    • Command Center
    • NetScaler Web Logging

The course also includes content on the new NetScaler 9.1 release, in particular nCore and VPX. Course lecture is interspersed with hands-on labs, in which students administer fully functioning NetScaler systems based on real-life scenarios. Furthermore, the course ends with an extended practicum giving students additional opportunity to show what they know with minimal guidance.

As I write this, Citrix Education is busy incorporating all the great student and instructor feedback we received during the beta delivery. Look for the “2I” release of the CNS-300 course to occur in Q4 2009.