Citrix was planning on having a Citrix Technology Professionals (CTP) Summit meeting this month to announce new Virtualization experts to the CTP program. For reasons that I am still a little shocked about, the CTP summit is going to be rescheduled, due to some very interesting clauses in the contract that every vendor has to agree to before being a sponsor of the upcoming VMworld event. It appears that VMware has come up with some very interesting event tactics. Below is a quote from the contract that Citrix has to sign and agree to for having a booth at VMworld.

“Exhibitor agrees that it may not use any Organizer event to leverage or promote any other event in which Exhibitor is a sponsor or participant, and therefore agrees that it may not, during the period from two days before until two days after the Event, conduct, promote, endorse, or sponsor any functions, classes, seminars, exhibits, or similar marketing activities within 50 miles of any event similar to the Event that is the subject of this agreement, other than Exhibitor’s participation in the Event under this Agreement.”

Citrix is a big enough of a company that, that not everyone is aware of everything that is going on all the time. We had been planning the upcoming CTP summit for some time now, and just found out about the VMware clause, what a shame we have to reschedule it, as I think participants that would have gone, would have capitalized on going to both events.