When Citrix XenDesktop is brought up in conversation, it is most often in reference to being deployed with a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) solution. But XenDesktop is not limited to delivering only virtual desktops – XenDesktop delivers an exceptional user experience with physical desktops just as well. In fact, organizations still utilize physical desktops instead of virtual desktops for niche roles, such as for dedicated, resource-intensive applications like computer-aided design (CAD) and financial trading. Blade PC hardware is often chosen for its benefits in satisfying security requirements, providing desktop hardware consolidation and in serving as a dedicated, high-performance machine. As we discuss in this post, XenDesktop is a perfect pairing for a Blade PC environment and our design considerations whitepaper provides information to IT professionals seeking a smooth deployment.

In this XenDesktop on Blade PCs Design Considerations whitepaper, we provide our experiences from implementing XenDesktop on HP Blade PC hardware within the Worldwide Consulting Solutions lab at Citrix headquarters in Ft. Lauderdale. Within the document, you will find topics such as: 

  • The direct applicability of key components of XenDesktop Platinum to Blade PCs, including XenApp, Provisioning Services and EdgeSight for EndPoints.
  • A high-level architecture describing the Provisioning Services streaming process to Blade PCs and user access to the XenDesktop environment.
  • Setup considerations and configuration information for implementing each XenDesktop component, including the Desktop Delivery Controller, the various Citrix desktop clients, Provisioning Services vDisk creation, management of a Blade PC environment, and more.
  • Other in-depth, technical tips for administrators setting up and working with XenDesktop on a Blade PC environment.

Citrix XenDesktop already comes with Blade PCs from vendors. Try out additional XenDesktop features on your Blade PCs and experience the clear benefits for your organization.