Hooray! There’s a now a feed especially for partners. This means you can receive partner related information as soon as it’s published. Sure you’ll still have Citrix Partner News, our monthly e-newsletter, but in addition to it, the latest news will come to you automatically. It’s “Really Simple Syndication,” or in other words RSS that makes staying current with Citrix happenings a snap.

You can subscribe to Citrix feeds wherever you see the RSS icon on citrix.com. There are three other types of feeds besides ‘Partner Network’ that you can subscribe to, but only one of them (you know the one) is all you.

Citrix RSS feed subscriptions

  • Partner Network
  • News
  • Events
  • Communities

If you’d like more details about RSS, there’s a great RSS video on YouTube or you can read ProBlogger’s thorough RSS explanation as well as Paul Stamatio’s blog that covers how to get started with RSS. For the ladies, I came across a great description in a blog entitled, “How to Explain RSS the Oprah Way.” 

Citrix partners can also download a PPT that contains screenshots of the subscription process and Google reader. The PPT is available on My Citrix within the ‘Communications’ section along with the resoures mentioned in this blog.

I’m sure you’ll soon see why RSS is the way to go and hopefully you’ll jump right in and subscribe to the Citrix Partner Network today.