I’ve recently began blogging on Citrix Blog and I thought that rather than write this time about where something just got posted in My Citrix as I generally do, I’d instead share some info related to blogging that I found interesting and hopefully, you will too.

Here are four articles, all by different authors posted online this year. I think you will get a solid look at what is being said about blogging from this range of topics and in turn, will become inspired to blog on your own or simply comment on the blogs you’re reading - (after you’ve read mine of course) and let the authors know what you think. We’re writing to you, for you, and would really like to hear from you.

Hew! Okay, now here’s my blog or rather my blog about other people’s blogs to show you why you should be blogging:

Who’s Blogging - According to this blog, 61(12.2%) of the Fortune 500 are blogging as of 04/17/09. Read samplings of their blogs and check out links to Fortune 500 business blog reviews. (April 17, 2009)

10 Great Strategic Benefits of Blogging - Gary Bourgeault describes the overall business benefits that include search engine marketing, competitive differentiation, reputation management, and low cost. Read about all 10 reasons. (April 28, 2009)

Why Blogs Matter - Shannon Paul notes that journalists use blogs as a key source for their reports but that they are not the only ones searching for company information – everyone else is too and blogs are picked up by search engines. (January 24, 2009)

How to Find Your Blogging Mojo - Darren Rowseprovides insight into how to improve your writing and offers links to additional resource material (July 30, 2009)