Today we have added a new feature to the Citrix: Support, CDN, and Community Forums, that allows anyone making a forum entry to automatically post the question or answer as a Tweet to the Twitter universe. This means that anyone following the Citrix twitter accounts ( CitrixKCforums or CitrixCommunity ) or searching a keyword will get real time visibility to the latest forum discussions and a link back to the forum post. Now you won’t be limited to forum surfers or RSS readers to get your question/answer out to the world. And hopefully those real time questions will get real time answers for everyone to view. Plus, if everyone in the Community starts using this feature the wealth of knowledge that goes back and forth in Twitter messages could be accumulated in the Citrix Forums for longevity and search-ability.
So the next time you have a technical or community question, don’t just Tweet it, ForumTweet it from the Citrix Forums and let’s see the replies fly in.
Also please follow :

@CitrixKCForums - The Citrix Support Forums ( )
@CitrixCommunity - The Community & CDN Forums ( )