In early April of this year, Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, confirmed a reach of over 200 million active users. That’s a pretty staggering stat. Not knowing the range of Citrix partners on Facebook, I’m gambling that most of you have an account – actually this isn’t much of a gamble considering the renowned popularity.

Anyway, whether you’re on it or thinking about it, I came across some tips on, a blog site for tech users, designers, and bloggers that offers 20 Facebook tips and tricks you might not know about.

Oh, one more thing, did you know that Citrix Systems is on Facebook? Yup. Check it out.

20 Facebook Tips

  1. How to place Facebook chat on Firefox sidebar
  2. How to download Facebook photo albums
  3. How to share Flickr photos to Facebook
  4. How to update Facebook without using Facebook
  5. How to schedule Facebook messages
  6. How to “friend’ someone on Facebook and hide it from your status updates
  7. How to create a photo collage using pictures of your facebook friends
  8. How to know when Facebook friends secretly delete or block you
  9. How to display selected pictures only on your Facebook profile page
  10.  How to remove Facebook advertisements
  11. How to Sync photos of Facebook friends with contacts in Microsoft Outlook
  12. How to display Facebook statuses on WordPress blog
  13. How to post your blog posts to your Facebook wall automatically
  14. How to Access Facebook chat on Desktop
  15. How to create quiz on Facebook easily
  16. How to hide your online status on Facebook chat from select contacts
  17.  How to get Facebook updates on email
  18. How to update Facebook status from Firefox
  19. Ho to get Facebook on your Desktop
  20. How to delete, cancel, and terminate Facebook account and profile