Branch Repeater appliances are great for providing application acceleration to your branch offices users. However, what do you do about individual remote users working from home, on the road or out of an office that is not equipped with a Branch Repeater?

Back in 2007 Citrix was one of the first companies to introduce a software-based WAN optimization client to address this need. Initially called WANScaler Client, our software client has evolved and is now called Repeater Plug-in for Citrix Receiver.

As the name implies, the client is now packaged as plug-in for Receiver for Windows. As with all plug-ins, you can use Citrix Dazzle and Citrix Merchandising Server to easily distribute the software to remote users. Once installed, the software appears as the acceleration plug-in under the “Advanced” tab within Receiver and immediately begins accelerating all application traffic.

Not using Citrix Receiver yet? Don’t worry. Repeater Plug-in is available as a MSI that can run standalone without Receiver.

Repeater Plug-in for Citrix Receiver supports the same set of acceleration features as the previous WANScaler Client. This includes TCP flow control, compression and application protocol acceleration for CIFS, FTP, HTTP and now MAPI - also added in Branch Repeater 5.5. The plug-in is compatible with leading VPN solutions including Citrix Access Gateway. With Access Gateway we actually accelerate the traffic within the secure SSL tunnel. In fact, just this week we published a performance report showing how you can Turbocharge Access Gateway by up 50x. Check it out.