Take a moment and do a Google or Bing search on VDI vs TS.  How many hits do you get?  I get quite a few. Some from Brian Madden, many from Vmware, and more from other VDI providers.  It’s an important topic, or at least that is what some people want you to believe.  I’ve heard about these debates, I’ve attended conferences where there were sessions specifically dedicated to this topic and the room was packed. I’ve attended these discussions and sessions before but I’ve left most of them thinking, “That was entertaining, but I just don’t get it”. 

I’ve been doing the TS thing for more than 10 years.  Over the last few years I’ve also been spending a lot of time focused on VDI. Throughout all of this time, I’ve interacted with desktop groups as well as more users than I could count.  And being a TS and VDI user myself (Yes, I use both), I feel comfortable giving you my thoughts on this debate.

The debate is flawed!!!

The debate doesn’t make sense!!!

If you really understand the underlying premise of both solutions you will quickly see why.  It’s like asking someone if they want wine or lobster for dinner.  They are two different things. One is a food, the other is a drink.  When you put them together, you have a very nice meal.

So what is my take besides saying the debate is flawed?  Well, for that I need a little more of your time (about 1 hour).  I’ll be spending 1 hour talking about this exact topic during Part 1 of the XenDesktop Ask the Architect TechTalk series on August 11.  If you want the full story, I recommend you attend. 

This is part 1 of a 3 part Ask the Architect TechTalk Series

Note: This blog was brought to you from a hosted XenDesktop virtual desktop with a XenApp-streamed Firefox browser.  

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