So what do you do if you are called to fix someone’s computer and you just KNOW that this person is going to need your help later?

GoToAssist Express just added the capability to easily set up unattended support while at a customer’s computer.
For instance, say you make a site visit to a customer to help install a program, and you don’t quite finish. You’d love to be able to log in and finish up remotely later. Now you can. Just add their computer to your account and you can finish at your leisure at a time convenient for you and your customer. This has been the #1 request from GoToAssist Express customers, so I guess it’s a common scenario!
By way of background, GoToAssist Express includes unlimited live remote support (tell your customer to enter a remote support ID and then take over the computer on the spot) as well as the ability to add and connect to an unlimited number of “unattended” computers, that is, computers you add to your account so you can log in and work on them when your customers are not using them.
This July 09 release has a number of other cool and useful enhancements such being able to reboot and reconnect to a Windows computer from a Mac. Also, if you’re on a Mac, you can request diagnostic information from a Mac or Windows computer.
For all the details, check out the release notes on the GoToAssist blog.
photo by marstheinfomage.