VM Hosted Apps will be introduced in Q3 2009 as part of Feature Pack 2 for XenApp. This brand new and unique application virtualization capability will extend our reach by delivering applications from a more diverse set of operating systems, further reducing application compatibility issues for our customer base and reducing time to value.

XenApp Enterprise and Platinum customers will be able to host Seamless applications from Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7 in addition to Windows 2003 and Windows 2008. Applications will be able to be delivered from hosted virtual machines running desktop OS’s and/or physical and blade PCs

I’m pretty excited by this new capability as our customers can now deliver a broader set of applications leveraging their existing XenApp investment. There are applications that couldn’t be delivered on Terminal Services due to license restrictions. There are applications that consume too many resources on Terminal Services that make them a poor choice for a multi user operating system. There are applications that require devices like USB, biometric keyboards etc. Now there is a complimentary way to deliver these troublesome applications with XenApp.

It has been my experience, that sometimes you just want to get an application deployed quickly into the field. It could be business critical or something you just need to test briefly. Managing these one offs in distributed environment leads to inefficiencies over time even in organizations who have invested in lots of tools and processes. This is why centralized management has been an ability that has really resonated with customers and driven adoption of our application delivery model. However, application validation for a multi user environment can lead to a longer time to value, and depending on the use case this could mean going back to the distributed model when you need it quickly. So now with VM hosted apps the benefits of a centralized XenApp infrastructure can be realized much faster for a broader set of applications.

Here are some more details. Each user will have a 1-1 mapping to their VM Hosted Apps in the initial release. However in subsequent releases we will enable multiple published apps per user. The management experience will allow you to manage your traditional farms side by side. The infrastructure required to deploy this leverages our desktop virtualization technology. More details will be released as we get closer to the release date, and a number of information sessions are being planned, so stay tuned and check out Vinny Sosa’s upcoming blog “TYPE TITLE HERE”, pressures on Vinny to get it done…….

At Citrix we want to enable our customers to deliver all their hosted applications with us, and added this to round out the application delivery system.So what do you think? How would you like to see this evolve?