Big discussions are happening in August and will you be part of it?  Over three days in August a XenDesktop Ask the Architect TechTalk series will be delivered focusing on analyzing, designing and implementing a VDI solution. 

This particular series is focusing on the questions I hear over and over again: # I’m interested in VDI but I’m not sure where to start?

  1. I already use XenApp but don’t know if and when I should be using XenDesktop instead.
  2. I’ve decided to go with XenDesktop as my VDI solution, but how do I design the environment correctly?

I believe many of you have similar questions.  Instead of answering these questions on a one-by-one basis, we’ve decided to do an Ask the Architect TechTalk series. 

Part 1: Virtual Desktops or Virtual Applications: Selecting Your Best Solution*(August 11 @ 1PM EDT)*

We’ve heard the debate from numerous people across numerous platforms… Should I use TSE or VDI for my organization? When should I use XenDesktop if I already have XenApp?  What type of virtual desktop do my users require? What options do I even have?

This is a big question and one that deserves the entire time. I encourage you to attend this session as it sets the stage for the rest of the week. If you can only attend one session, then this is the one to attend.

Part 2: Creating an Enterprise VDI Solution with XenDesktop (August 12 @ 1PM EDT)

Once you decided to use XenDesktop as your VDI solution, how do you create your enterprise design?  Would you believe there are essentially 4 things you need to know in order to create your XenDesktop design?  Based on those four items, you can design the entire infrastructure.  We will cover the design decisions for# Virtualization Infrastructure

  1. OS Delivery
  2. Application Delivery
  3. Desktop Delivery
  4. Virtual Desktop Design

Part 3: Successfully Migrating Users to Virtual Desktops(August 13 @ 1PM EDT)

Once the environment is designed and built, its time to move users over to the virtual system.  The cutover needs to be smooth and seamless for the users or else they will need to recreate their entire personalized desktop environment. This will not only take time, but will also give the users a bad first imipression of the overall solution. 

This TechTalk session focuses specifically on how to migrate user environments into the virtual desktop world. It will cover the options, ramifications, and approaches. 

This should be a great series with lots of good information. Hope to see you there!

Daniel – Lead Architect – Worldwide Consulting Solutions
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