So I finished a round of reboots from having my demo/lab systems up for around 3 weeks. Of course, like any competent admin, I upgraded to the latest MS patches, butt (pun intended) like an incompetant admin, I didn’t test (but I don’t have a test lab at this point….hmmm, sounds like an excellent use case for XenServer Platinum!).

During the update, I also allowed .Net 3.5 SP1 to update itself. BAD MISTAKE! Read the notes…
You see, this contains patches to ASP.Net 2.0, which integrates into some of the technologies Citrix provides.

Eventually what occurred is that the following systems failed, due to the dependencies on ASP.Net v2.0.50727:

Access Gateway Advanced Edition 4.5 HF04
XenDesktop DDC v3.0
Edgesight 5.1

The CPM Service also relies on ASP.Net v2.0, but so far looks stable after the update.

Now I don’t fault our products at all, however, I would like is to be able to selectively choose which .Net framework gets updated via Windows Updates, instead being forced to update the entire family. It restricts my choice as an admin. Since MS chooses to bundle the entire family of updates now, I won’t be installing .Net updates ever again.

To correct the problem, I went to each server and:
1. Open CMD
2. Navigate to \Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v2.0.50727
3. “aspnet_regiis.exe -i”
4. Reboot

I’ve also heard this breaks Sharepoint as well until you run the above commands….so go figure, it breaks MS products too!