Knowing which certification requirements are needed helps partners know exactly what they need to do to receive full program benefits. Plus, partner’s certifications are listed on Partner Locator, a search tool used by customers seeking partners to fulfill their solution needs. With that said, if you haven’t got your certification groove on, now’s the time to get certilicious with two recently launched tools via My Citrix.

Partner Certification Manager and My Certification Manager have just been rolled out and still hot off the press. Both can be found within the Toolbox area of My Citrix and are available in your preferred language: English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Korean, Thai, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese. Once in the Toolbox, you’ll see an Overview page that describes how to navigate through the respective tool. Here, you’ll read about and see screenshots of each tab that make up the tool. To the right of your screen, you can down load resource materials that include a training video, user guide, and quick reference guide. Please note that you must log into My Citrix in order to gain access to these tools.

To get a jump on both tools, here’s a glance of what they offer.

Partner Certification Manager - 5 tabs

Training Dashboard (only visible by CSAs)
- View summary certification reports, compliance details, and product authorization status

- View all contacts associated with your company so you can identify who has/hasn’t linked their Citrix training to your company and then initiate a request to a contact to link their training to your company

Certification Details
- View key Citrix certifications held by people at your company

Product Authorization (only visibile by CSAs)
- View your status on which products you’re certified to sell so you can be sure that you’re receiving full program benefits

Compliance (only visible by CSAs)
- View your company’s training compliance details in order to ensure that training requirements are being met so you can retain or upgrade your program membership level (Silver, Gold, and Platinum)

My Certification Manager - 3 tabs

My Information
- Link your Citrix related training from Citrix Certification Manager to your My Citrix account

My Certifications
- View those certifications you’ve earned including the date they were achieved, the status of each, and your exam history

My Exam
- View those exams that you have passed

Should you have questions or any issues regarding Partner Certification Manager, contact your local Channel Operations teamand for My Certification Manager, send an email to