The Workflow Studio community site is the place to find information on all things Workflow Studio. Did you know that most of the site is also open for community contributions as well? Here is a brief overview of the sections of the site that are open for the community:

  • Articles This section of the site is where you will find articles provided by the Workflow Studio product team as well as community contributed articles. Articles will typically be overviews, technical tips/tricks, how-to guides, etc.
  • Activity Libraries This is where you will find all the activity libraries provided by the community. There are already some interesting ones out there from other internal groups at Citrix like the SQL Server one that Ed posted (along with the source code if you want to extend it) and the AG Standard Edition library provided by Audra.
  • Workflows Here you will find workflows created by the community. Make sure you check the activity library requirements for a workflow and download the activity libraries first if required.
  • Forums The forums section is for general conversation about the product, workflow development, activity library development, feature requests, etc. If you have a support question there is a dedicated support forum as well.

The main community page is also available inside Workflow Studio on the Community tab. You will also find a built-in reader for the Blogs, Workflows, and Activity Libraries sections of the site that allows you to easily search and download workflows and activity libraries right in the product.

Make sure you check each of these areas to see what is available, but I also encourage you to post your own articles, activity libraries, workflows, and questions. Don’t be shy…

If anyone has any comments on the community site please post them below…