The Burton Group Catalyst Conference has always been a highly technical and packed-full of practical recommendations. This year’s event, July 27-31 in San Diego, California looks to be no exception. More importantly, this year’s event will focus heavily on VDI and VDI architecture as Chris Wolf from Burton highlights. Some of the key VDI sessions are:

  • Building a Business Case for VDI
  • VDI on the Large-Scale: From Business Case to Support
  • Desktop Virtualization – Five Years Forward
  • Starting Over: New Management Trends for Virtualized Desktops

How you can help?

As you know from my blog, I focus on defining the next generation VDI architecture. I’m not interested in hearing more opinions on whether VMware View is better than XenDesktop or hearing one company bash another. I let others do that, which you can watch the Thrilla in California between Simon Crosby and Scott Drummonds (should be entertaining). I want to understand how different companies are architecting for VDI.

Unfortunately, because of other commitments, I’m unable to attend Catalyst and I know the VDI information is going to be extremely valuable.  So I’m asking to see if any of you plan on attending.

Reporting from Burton Catalyst

If so, I have a request. I’m looking for the following information from the VDI session:

  • Key points
  • Lessons learned
  • Decision criteria
  • Photos
  • How are companies architecting VDI
  • Reference architecture diagrams

If you are game, send me an email and let me know. After the conference I would compile the notes into blog post(s) and provide a huge shoutout for your help. I know this is a different approach, but none of us can be at all the events that we want. Remember, even though I work for Citrix, my goal is to advance the VDI concept. Everyone has a lot to learn about VDI and it is in the best interest of the industry to share the latest knowledge, regardless of vendor.

If you would like to contribute, please contact me by emailing me

Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you

Daniel – Lead Architect – Worldwide Consulting Solutions
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