This is going to be an interesting session, Brad and Steve should need no introductions, but for those of you who may not know them, I think they may have actually invented the internet. If you are looking to see where things all started, where they are going, or just have questions for these fellows, this session would be a good choice

A Deep Dive Into the 20 Year History and Technical Developments of Citrix Systems

Brad Pedersen, Citrix Chief Architect and Senior Fellow and
Steve Greenberg, Founder, ThinClient

This session will be a lively and interactive presentation with intesive Q&A. Join Steve Greenberg, Founder of ThinClient, as he sits down with Citrix Chief Architect and Senior Fellow Brad Pedersen for a truly unique opportunity to get an inside technical view behind the scenes at Citrix.

Topics to be covered include:

Citrix’s first product and how it failed
Citrix’s first successful product
How the ICA protocol really get created
The creation of web interface, secure gateway, published applications, IMA and more
What really happened with Microsoft in 1997

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