We all are waiting for the day when the world will be in 64bit, but the fact that we are even talking about it means that 128bit cant be to far right, but back to the 64bit revolution that is upon us. If your are looking for the worst practices, I mean best practices for your x64 environment, then this would be a great session to attend.

Getting Ready for the W2K8 and 64-Bit Revolution

Nicholas Rintalan, Citrix Consulting

In this session, Citrix Consultant Nicholas Rintalan will discuss how to prepare your SBC environment for x64 architectures from a security and optimization standpoint. Attendees will come away with an understanding of the thought process and best practices used by Citrix Consulting. Also in this session, users will see/learn:

Live demo illustrating how to use custom security and ADM templates
A deep dive into kernel memory and differences between x86 and x64 architectures
Worst practices – or most commonly misconfigured settings and tweaks
Terminal Services optimization on Windows 2003 and Windows Server 2008
How to increase user density by reducing kernel memory usage
Application integration into an x64 environment

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