When I first started selling WinFrame in 1996, I used to turn up on a customer site,  convince them to unplug the fax machine so that I could get an outside line, and then demonstrate the ‘amazing’ performance of our database running on WinFrame over a 28.8 modem. The response was usually of surprise, followed by something along the lines of “I didn’t think that was possible”.
Thirteen years later, one of the great things about working with XenApp Fundamentals with SMB customers is that we still hear that same response.  Things may have changed dramatically in terms of connectivity -dial up is a thing of the past and the Internet certainly has the ubiquity we were promised – but the fundamental (yes, pun intended -again ) requirement for amazing performance is still there.  In fact, users have come to expect high levels of performance as the norm, and although we have significantly more bandwidth than we dreamt of back in the dial up days, bandwidth consumption has also grown significantly because we now use the same pipes for voice, multimedia, etc.  And with more and more people requiring ‘head office’ performance for their ‘line of business’ applications from home, customer sites, etc, we may have more bandwidth available but the same limitations of Windows apps running remotely still apply.
So to get to my point – it demos better than it pitches.  The one question my team is asked more often than any other is ‘what is our value over Terminal Services?’, if you do a high level feature by feature comparison, it looks like Terminal Services is all you need. But here’s the thing – in 2006, we introduced a version of XenApp Fundamentals without TS CALs for customers who were already running Terminal Services yet needed the simplicity, usability and performance of XenApp Fundamentals.  This is actually the best area of sales performance and customer feedback of our XenApp Fundamentals business today, and it speaks volumes to me about our added value.
With those early memories of WinFrame and now  just like HD ,’seeing is believing’ , we have recently introduced a new 30 day evaluation of XenApp Fundamentals.  Whether you are a prospective customer or a partner - watch it, look at it, use it, eat it, dream it… oops sorry, gone too far… but you get my point. PowerPoint just does not do it justice.  And if the upfront costs of a server are too much to ask, then take advantage of the brand new two-user eval of XenApp Fundamentals running on Amazon for 12.5 cents per hour.  Read Chris Fleck’s blog to see how easy it is to experience it for yourself.

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