It’s almost that time again; BriForum’s seventh annual event is next week on July 21 – 23!

Last year’s BriForum at the Chicago Navy Pier attracted 438 delegates who had the opportunity to attend 60 technical breakout sessions led by independent expert speakers from around the globe, while also interacting with 17 of the top industry vendors.

Citrix was one of last year’s sponsors, and is again sponsoring BriForum this year. What I did find interesting from looking at the sponsor list,, wasn’t who was there, but who wasn’t there.

The booth Citrix had last year was awesome, it was a great opportunity for Citrites and Attendees to have some great discussions, and get to meet one another. We look forward to meeting you there, as I’m sure this year’s BriForum, will be just as successful as last year’s event.

We hope to see you there!

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