In the words of Mae West, “too much of a good thing can be wonderful” and the Citrix and SAP alliance team couldn’t agree more!

That’s why we’ve worked together to develop the Citrix Community page for SAP, a dedicated, one-stop shop for all things Citrix & SAP! So while we’ll never say there is “too much” information on the Citrix and SAP relationship, we will say having a single place to access all information on the relationship is “wonderful”.

On this page we’ve consolidated all related blogs, news, videos, etc… from Citrix, SAP and third-party sites in our feeds section to save you time on staying up to date on the Citrix and SAP happenings. You can even follow us on Twitter!

There’s even a discussion forum dedicated to SAP-related discussions. Look for the answers to your questions within existing threads or post a new question in our discussion forum. Do you have technical questions about an SAP implementation? Do you want to learn more about the validation and performance results of SAP NetWeaver with Citrix XenApp and Citrix NetScaler? Do you want to learn more about Citrix’s relationship with SAP? If you said yes, then this is the site for you!

Visit this page to learn the latest and greatest information about our relationship including press announcements, product validations, joint activities and resources…and don’t forget to participate in our Community Verified initiative! Let us know how you’re working with SAP in your Citrix environment from the convenient console located within the page.

So…why don’t you come up and see us some time? And oh yeah…don’t forget to participate in the discussion! Stop by the Citrix Community page for SAP today!