I thought it would be fun to share some experiences from week one and some of the cool innovations I saw.
So as you can imagine, one of my first instincts, having been curious for so many years as a customer about why this, why that, reading speculation, I just had to find out! It was like I had just been given my driving license and could go anywhere. I am sure many of you know Brad Pedersen our Chief Architect, Citrix Fellow and father of ICA. It was simply awesome to have him answer so many of my historic questions, ‘the inside scoop,’ and spend hours brain storming about where we are/could-going/go and ME being able to shape that conversation now. I also realized that we don’t hear about a lot of the unsung hero’s of Citrix who are the current generation of brilliant minds here. There is some really cool stuff coming with power management, so watch this space, and some future ideas that I hope we gain traction on. There are some advanced management ideas that we are thinking about and upcoming features that will help simplify your lives. HDX/ICA will continue to get better and you will see some new capabilities in very near term releases of the protocol. I’m beginning to play with some of the future prototypes of Dazzle that I think will be really easy to use from a more diverse set of devices.

I discovered the best conference room names are in our UK offices, best example was ‘Vain.’  Without the internal Citrix Wiki I would be lost, everything has a code name! It’s like learning a new language. I have never been so spoiled for choice on which free soda or juice to drink. Wow, I saw people wearing shorts at work a shock to the system after Wall Street. I got a chance to spend time with Mark Templeton our CEO and many of the executive team. Prior, my interactions were watching them on stage, or brief encounters at Customer Council events. I am pleased to report they are not aliens, and are listening. I asked Mark if it was ok to disagree with him, and he promised to hit me if I didn’t!

I had a great conversation with Martin Duursma who runs Citrix Labs and chairs our CTO office, where we really got into interesting future areas that are currently under research, including Cloud and Client Virtualization including Mobile devices. Some of previous work from Citrix Labs has worked it’s way to product, think iPhone client. This device support is now becoming even broader, check out Keith Turnbull’s blog on our upcoming Blackberry client.

I also developed a new found respect for the size of our product and how much it actually does to support a vast customer base. There is so much deep embedded knowledge in so many areas that is very hard to replicate. I don’t think people on the outside really appreciate what it takes to deliver this stuff. Coupled with the fact that these teams get this space, I think we are very well positioned for the future.

So all of this is just week one, where I have spent most of my time with the XenApp team talking about futures. The great thing about being a Citrix CTO is that I get involved in providing guidance for the firm’s technology direction across our product suite, so I am only beginning to scratch the surface. As I work with the rest of our portfolio teams, I can already see that we have so many pieces of the puzzle that will enable us to build innovative solutions for our customers.

I’ll share more real time updates via Twitter