I’m sure you are all familiar with the iPhone commercials and the ubiquitous “there is an app for that” phrase that has seemingly become the catch phrase of this decade. Previous catch phrases include --but not limited to -- The 70s-“Heeeey” , The 80s-“Where’s the Beef?” The 90s-“Doh!”.

All kidding aside, “there’s an app for it” reflects the current state of consumerization and customization that is becoming commonplace in today’s on-line experience. It is no longer acceptable to have generic applications and content. We all know what we need/want for our apps and we need them now!

Citrix Community Updates

In that same spirit, today I have the pleasure of sharing some of the upgrades we have made to the Citrix community sites. Need a community for discussing Citrix and Microsoft products, “there’s a community for that”, need a community for the latest and greatest on Citrix and Oracle, “there’s a community for that”, need a community for finding cool communities “there’s a community for that” , need a community where you can geek out (both online and local), “there are 2 communities for that” (gotta spice it up a bit , the first is here and the second is here)… well, I think you get the idea. You should check out the Citrix Community home page and in particular the new partner community module.


My team and I are continually looking for ways to connect with the Citrix community of customers, partners, Citrites and anyone interested in the latest in virtualization of applications, desktops and servers. We are continually soliciting feedback and update the site based on direct comments and industry trends.

Now it’s your turn….

Let us know what types of communities you need and (you guessed it) “there will be a community for that”, we are open to all types of ideas… here’s a few to get the ball rolling (and maybe a peek at the future )… How about a Citrix and Windows 7 community? Or a Citrix and Desktop Virtualization community? Or (heaven forbid!) a Citrix and VMware community?

Also, let us know what type of content you are looking for in your communities. Check out the partner communities or even XenServerCentral for our real time multi-media feeds. Let us know how we can make them better for you…

Now I need to get back to my favorite iPhone App (an oldie but a goodie) ….