This is so cool, I just had to say something about it. Just installed a prototype of Citrix Receiver for the Blackberry on my new Curve 8900. Early code, but I successfully opened a Word doc, made an edit, and emailed it… all off an instance of Word running on our existing XenApp farm in the datacenter. I also signed off a couple of purchase orders and expenses on our SAP system which is also published on our corporate XenApp system.  I just couldn’t do this before without getting out my laptop , waking it up , logging in etc etc

Of course I could have used my Citrix Receiver for iPhone – but the battery was flat ! And , much as I like my iPhone, I also still love the real QWERTY keyboard on the Blackberry Curve, so I am a happy camper with this new Receiver !

UPDATE: The much revised tech preview is now available for a range of non touch and touch Blackberries. See product manager Tim Graf’s post here to read more detail and download.