A new version of XenApp Sessions Cleaner v3.0 has been released over on CitrixTools, http://www.citrixtools.net

  • No More delprof dependencies!
    Delprof.exe is still in the package, but that’s just in case you’d like to use it!
  • New API’s for profiles cleaning:
    The Thread will delete profiles files and folders but also registry entries and GPO cache entries to ensure the cleaning is efficient.
  • New Logging System for profiles cleaning
  • ReadOnly files within profiles support:
    The service will remove the ReadOnly attribute and then delete the file
  • Large number of profiles caches support:
    Within the older versions, on servers with more than 100 / 150 profiles caches delprof could hang resulting in a need of manually kill it. This new release has been tested successfully on a farm with more than 200 / 250 profiles cache per server
  • Unauthorized files within profile support:
    The service will take ownership of files and folders, rewrite ACL’s and then delete them.
  • Reboot API have been rewritten to ensure better scheduled reboot support

Release Notes:
To ensure performances and reliability the service will try to delete the profile folder and if it encounters an access denied on a file or folder it’ll log a warning event. The service will then take ownership on the files / folder and remove readonly attributes. Finally it’ll try to delete the folder again. This allows the service to be very fast. (example : about 5 minutes for 220 profiles caches deletion vs 55 minutes if it takes ownership and reset attributes before deletion).

To learn more about this tool please click the below link: