It’s being described as “powerful” and even “tremendous.”  

Partners are raving about it. They’ve experienced it for themselves. They are witnesses to what it can do – the value, the benefit, the profit.  

“What is it and where can I get it?” you ask yourself. 

It’s the Citrix Key Play Marketing Kits of course! And you can find them in the Marketing Tools section of My Citrix

Try it. Execute on it. Like magic, these Key Play Kits will transform your marketing department into a marketing powerhouse. Smooth, easy, flexible, manageable – kits designed for immediate action. Whether your marketing team is comprised of 2 or 22 or your budget is busting with dollars or just busted, you’ll marvel at what you accomplish. 

It’s no fairy dust. It’s real. We even have partners on tape talking about what the Key Play Marketing Kits have done for them. See their excitement. Listen to their testimonials. Watch this video and other videos from Citrix TV and be amazed. 

If you’re already using the Key Play Marketing Kits, share your success and comment back to this blog. Let us know how these kits are helping you fine tune your go-to-market strategies and improve your business.