That’s the title of the July 9th TechTalk. This session is open to genuine propeller heads and geeks only.

In this session, I’ll explain how ICA functions, including why single session application bandwidth testing isn’t accurate, the CGP (Common Gateway Protocol) and how it relates to ICA, what virtual channels do, and much more. We’ll even dissect some ICA packets!

Then Jason Maynard is going to talk about ICA Acceleration, which is focused on how the Branch Repeater devices can make ICA even more efficient. He’ll show you how you can squeeze and compress ICA like never before.

As you consume this information, the “aha!” moments will abound. You will have lots of “Did you know that . . . ?” items to discuss at lunch the next day with your fellow Citrix geeks. Go ahead, take it up a notch and invite your fellow network geeks to dine with you. Just be warned that packets of knowledge will be accelerating everywhere and beverage napkins will be full of diagrams!