PinSafe is a form of multi-factor authentication which is easier to deploy and more cost effective than its token based competitors.  It also integrates seamlessly with the NetScaler for both SSL VPN and AAA for Web Applications.

It works by providing the user a customized “one time” image on the login page.  The image employs character rotation and will use a range of fonts and backgrounds to provide resistance to OCR attacks.  Contained within the image, is a security string which can be made up of numbers, characters or even a mixture of the two.   Place holders in the image help the user to extract their one-time image code.  So in the example below, a PIN of 4359 would yield a one-time code of 3125.



The default image has place holders to help the user extract the one-time code, but other, pattern based images can also be used.  The examples below show the numeric (eg telephone) keypad pattern as well as a more random pattern.  These images can even be branded for individual customers requirements.


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