Over the course of the past year, Citrix has really deepened its involvement into the community. The growth of this involvement has gone in many directions, for example on the internet with the launching of sites like Citrix Communities, Citrix Blogs, Citrix Developer Network, Citrix Ready Community Verified, and many others. It has also grown even closer with the community with programs like the Citrix Technology Professionals, Citrix Geek Speak, and now I’d like to prepare you for Citrix’s next level of involvement, which is with User Groups. This is not to say that Citrix has not been involved with User Groups, in fact there are huge number of employees at Citrix who have taken it upon themselves to support these communities, and they have done an outstanding job, to further compliment the work that they have been doing, we need to create a central place of information and involvement for all of these User Group efforts.

You can think of this first phase of the website as a compilation of User Groups that I was aware of or that people I talked with were aware of. I am actually in the process of putting together a more comprehensive design for the Citrix User Groups site, so please keep that in mind, however I am interested in any ideas you may have about how Citrix can better support User Groups, so if you any thoughts or suggestions please let us know.

You can click below to continue to the Citrix User Groups site: