During the Tech Preview of Workflow Studio, the most popular posts I had were around using Workflow Studio to create a green data center:

I wanted to review these very popular posts and talk about how the most recent versions of Workflow Studio can be leveraged for these tasks.

Wake On LAN
Support for WakeOnLAN was included in the activity library pack made available in April with version 1.1. The WakeOnLAN activity is in the ‘Networking’ library and in the ‘Networking’ folder in the Designer once installed:

Shutting Down a Windows Server
In the Tech Preview post, I talked about two methods of shutting down a computer. One of those two methods – LaunchProcess – is available as part of the library pack that was released in April (under Windows), but also in that pack is a Shutdown activity that manages this for you. The Shutdown Windows activity is in the Networking library with Wake On LAN.

Shutting Down a XenServer host
In the Tech Preview post, I talked about several activities for interfacing with XenServer VMs and the XenServer host. These activities are all part of the library pack from April. These activities are in the ‘Citrix XenServer’ library and in the ‘Citrix XenServer’ folder in the Designer once installed:

The host activities Disable-Host and Shutdown-Host that were in the Tech Preview post are not available yet, but will be in the next update to this library.

If you are using Workflow Studio to manage power in your environment, drop me a line and let me know how it is going. If you aren’t using it, let me know what we can do to make it easier for you.