XenApp Expert Series – Profile Management Part 1 – Informational, News, Interviews (2009) The show where we interview the experts to get you the latest research and technology news on XenApp application virtualization. Host Vinny Sosa (@vinnysosa) interviews Citrix Product Manager Dave Wagner on the Profile Management feature of Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop and why this is key technology in the application and desktop virtualization stack. This is part 1 of 2 where we will bring Dave and/or another expert in to dive deeper into Profile Management. Episode 2, Season 1.

ADDITIONAL BACKGROUND: My intro would have been funnier but I totally screwed it up. I have a strict one take policy on the show though so it stayed as is. Dave is a great character. He has been with Citrix for 8 years 6 months 15 days and 7 hours by the start of this recording. While here, he has managed a number of products including Access Essentials, MetaFrame for UNIX, Conferencing Manager, MetaFrame x64, Desktop Broker/Server, Password Manager, Profile management, Web Interface, and the Linux Client. He doesn’t have a Twitter account (yet!). He says he’s still too busy jumping on the JAVA/Linux Desktops/Webify Everything bandwagons. After which he needs to jump on the Facebook bandwagon. He loves photography followed closely by video games … xBox addict at the moment but that usually shifts around every few months. Why? He says he likes video games primarily because it annoys everyone else to think that it’s a total waste of his time. Join us for this interesting episode with David Wagner.

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